Legal Financing

Combining financing with decades of expertise to offer creative solutions.
According to The Times:

“The truly international nature of fraud is illustrated by the work of PCB Litigation, a fraud and corporate risk management law firm. PCB operates across a global landscape, recovering and protecting clients’ assets over borders and through multiple jurisdictions.”

It is this expertise which has led Burford Capital, a leading global finance and asset management firm focused on law, to take an equity stake in PCB Byrne.

We provide creative financing solutions on favourable terms, not only in relation to fraud and asset recovery, but also across a broad spectrum of disputes, including commercial litigation, international arbitration and insolvency proceedings.

Creative Solutions

Our solutions are designed to act as a catalyst by assisting clients and their in-house legal teams in:

  • Unlocking the value of distressed debt and other claims
  • Improving bottom lines
  • Minimising financial risks in respect of costs exposure whilst maximising returns
  • Achieving economies of scale

These solutions include:

  • Fixed cost analysis and strategy reports
  • Valuation and sale of books of debt, both in the form of claims or judgments and awards
  • Funding portfolios of claims at substantially reduced cost
  • Funding enforcement of judgments and awards at substantially reduced cost
  • Risk sharing arrangements

For further details or enquiries regarding legal financing please contact: